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Bully for you Jane. I bet when one has to navigate in a forest of box hell, the move tends to feel real, huh?!

Glad you are coming down to SD. We could use someone like you. Any chance I can entice you to run for mayor? I'd vote for you.

Bought my copy of 'With Teeth' today at Tower Records in La Jolla during my lunch hour. Since it has a parental advisory, I thought I best not risk offending the tender ears at work.

There is a DJ (Halleran) on 94.9 that made a mix of 'The Hand That Feeds' using Garage Band on his Mac. It is great and would be great to spin for my Spinning classes.

I think you'd like this station. Try it out by streaming it on your computer and tell me what you think. It is pretty much the only commercial station I listen to. I am a KCRW whore. LOVE it!

Have a great time. And, if you hit the border, you've gone too far! ;)


Hope all is well!
Have a safe and fun filled trip!

Tara H.

CJ, did you remember to return the videos to the video store?


Tara: Yes I did, albeit a day late - but I paid the charges, so no worries.

Heather: Thanks, man.

Martha: I'm a bitch for KCRW, too, although lately I only listen to my iPod in the car, because there's so much new music I love, and so many CD's in my "to be reviewed" queue. Radio pretty much cracks me, because when you listen to it you have to hear crap like the insufferably boring Audioslave or some other such torture... I'll give yours a try tho.

I am so stoked about my impending trip to San Diego that I can't actually contain my urge to type FUCK YEAH!!!!!!! in all caps.


I'm jealous.


Jane, just came onboard your blog a few weeks (months?) ago, but wanted to say: Good luck with everything. I've enjoyed your writings, and I am envious with your going after your dreams. I am also in a transition period moving to a new phase in my life. It gives me hope to see other folks going for it with style and humor.

I've lived in 3 countries (so far) and my advice to you is: give yourself some time to get adjusted when you get there. It should start feeling like 'home' in about 6 months. Enjoy the journey, have fun, love your monkey and keep us updated.


Thanks, Lyne. I'm really looking forward to my move. Last time I was in Prague, it felt like home after about a week, so I have high hopes for it - of course it will be different looking down the barrel of the long haul, but I hope it will be different in a good way...

I'm sure going to miss my peeps, tho.


Why wouldn't you want to see Nine Inch Nails on the MTV video awards? I think that would have been cool.


Well, because MTV is stupid, performing a song in front of a picture of President Jackass is like having an anvil dropped on one's head, and he might have been introduced by the likes of Lindsay Lohan and that guy who played Mini Me.

In other words, I would love to see him, but I prefer to see him when he's not buried up to the neck in bullshit.


Wait a minute, let me get this straight here... Bush is BAD?

Honestly my head is so anvil-laden at this point I feel like one more would just comfortably click into the anvil-sized indent in my brainpan.

God Jane, are you still here?


Yes, this is me. I'm laughing!


"When your opponent is drowning, throw the son of a bitch an anvil." - James Carville

I read a rumor on one of the lefty political blogs (substantiation = none) that this was the photo in question. I don't know for sure, but that could have been pretty fucking punk rock, as far as such a gesture is even possible..

Can't wait to hear what you think of the club shows, by the way. I had been expecting the wrong thing, in retrospect, and it was all sweetness and camraderie except you'd never get one of those guys (onstage or in the crowd) to admit it. I've also been geekish enough to go back and relisten to the Fragile, which does sound like someone who, um, knows they are doomed and about to walk off a cliff and can't do a thing about it, and nearly all the emotions are ones most people don't want to hear about ever, much less on a rock record. There are a few lyrics I wish could be surgically removed and a couple songs I hate quite intensely, but I kind of get it now. Musically it's often so much more weird and fascinating than I had realized at the time, and there's a lot that reminds me of Bowie's Low (which TR always cites as a big influence.. that record is also incredibly bleak, has a few weird pop tunes and ultimately runs right out of words).

And finally.. good luck with your move & congrats!


Alright. With THAT picture, it would have been pretty fucking funny, and much more punk rock than I previously imagined. Still, it will be good not to have to watch that bullshit. I mean, I agree that George Bush is a douchebag and all, but the MTV awards are totally retarded, and I'm glad I'm off the hook on watching it.

Regarding The Fragile, I'm starting to love it, too, especially the "left" side. I think "The Great Below" is pretty much my favorite NIN song of the moment. I mean, besides the whole With Teeth record. As for the show, it's good to know that I have at least 2 readers who aren't freaking DYING of my non-stop Nine Inch Nails coverage.


Yes, here is one reader who doesn't mind, at least. (And is procrastinating at the moment by commenting on blogs..) Part of "The great below" is too much too much and I simply can't deal with it, but the instrumental half at the end is niiiice. The whole record is so incredibly weird.. I can't get over the sheer wrongness and desperation of it. Spiral was secure in the hands of a total control freak megalomaniac, and on this one you know that person can't keep it together, and it's pitiable.

I mean, it's one thing to do a narrative concept thing that (decisively) ends in suicide, people can handle that, but this long meandering hopelessness where the "I" in question isn't even in control of that but is just waiting for it to happen? That's a lot darker, and a lot harder to take. Which is valid, but difficult in a way that nobody expected. There are some lyrics that render parts of it unlistenable for me, but for every one of those there's a strangely "wrong" line like "smell of sunshine" in there, and I wonder, is that a flaw, or is that more interesting because it's strange and off?

Tara H.


How was the concert, Jane?


In two words? FUCKING AWESOME.

In 10,000 more words? Coming soon to a super boring blog near you very soon.


Do you really think that the record The Downward Spiral "decisively" ends in suicide? I would actually argue that though the narrator of the story does not succeed in this act -- he contemplates in the song "the downward spiral", yes, and perhaps even attempts to go through with the act... but I think "hurt" lays the notion of the Dead Narrator to rest. It's a song of reflection, yes, but it's reflection with an eye towards the future. It's from the perspective of somebody at the bottom, but they've alive and well enough to be lying on their back and looking back up towards where they need to go.

And the concerts were quite simply a joyous celebration. Can't wait for the full rockshow review Jane....

Tara H.

Yeah, Jane. Hurry it up already!


I'd be willing to write the review for Jane if she doesn't have the time. I didn't see the show and I dislike that vile music, but I am confident that I can imitate Jane's blogposting style in such a way that nobody will be able to tell the difference!


By all means, David. Have at it.


Ooohhh. Can't wait to see who the poseur is...

Bbbbbwwwwwhhhaaaaaahhhhh (evil laugh)

Glad you had a great time, Jane. But really...did you eva think you wouldn't?


I'm just curious to see if David, being a non-fan and all, can really muster up the stomach to compare the work of Trent Reznor to Lord Byron in one breath while referring to the Empire of Dirt in the next.

I wager not!


Martha: Um... NOPE. I was pretty certain I would love the shit out if it, and good lord, did I ever. Some things are JUST SO SCRUMPTIOUS.

Bryan: Don't tell all my secret plans, Dude!

David: The gauntlet is thrown, I guess. We are all waiting with baited breath. Do your worst!


All right, people. I have seen the glory of God and it is my destiny to report: NIN ROCKS! There, I've said it. That's the drill. You know the scoop, but I'm scooping it for you anyway, people.

I showed up at the New Gala Complex Auditorium in midafternoon, and although the show wouldn't start for another eight hours, there was a line of people wrapped at least three times around the building. The people in this line were the darlingest young metalheads I have ever had the pleasure and ecstasy to encounter. (Pictures forthcoming.) I sidled up to what I thought was the end of the line, but it was actually only the middle of the line. Someone screamed "Line-cutter! Ass!" and a fat kid came at me with a knife. I immediately armed myself with a dinnerplate which I happened to have in my pocket. I thought I was doomed. Then the young hipster stopped in his tracks and looked at the sky. I believe that the Hand of Trent descended from the moon and put a stop to the boy's onward motion.

Fat kid and self stared at one another, disoriented. Then a wonderful thing happened: We both laughed. Laughed! It was all suddenly hilarious! I had made a new friend. I smashed the dinnerplate over my head and started doing a little jig. The hipster threw his knife down a storm drain and started jigging alongside me. It was true glee.

Inside the auditorium the place was rockin'. A giant glow-in-the-dark painting of Trent's unwashed face hung from the ceiling. The painting was dandy. In the image, Trent was not smiling at all -- in fact he was frowning and looking serious -- but in his eyes you could tell that some happy days were upon him. Yes! Trent is muscular and happy now! I LOVE THAT!

The show began when Trent came out from backstage wearing nothing but a pair of underwear and a giant red cowboy hat. He thanked us for being fans and then he spat at us. This is the sort of connection with his audience which Trent can make instantaneously, and which makes Trent one of the greatest stage presences in the history of rock n' roll.

Trent's first song was an acoustic version of "Worm Death," in which Trent sings (in part):

"My face is a worm
and I have worms in my gut
the worms twist through my intestines
like a worm
the twisting of the worm is itself
like a worm"

SUCK IT, people! I love that song! What a great melancholy thing. It reminds me of a line from Pierre du Chamblablise:

"Storied soul, your heart is like an owl."

In a fit of something, I threw my shirt at Trent and he just kind of kicked it aside, which was a meaningful gesture to me. But now I was shirtless: a problem. Fortunately, I was able to steal a tube-top from a girl who was vomiting in the bathroom. I just kind of slid it off of her without her noticing. It smelled like her vomit, but I didn't care; I couldn't care about anything anymore, because I was in Reznorvile, population 2.

On the way home we stopped at Burger King, but we were all so giddy by then that we ordered the wrong things, i.e. hamburgers, rather than the delicious chicken and fish sandwiches which are available at most Burger Kings. So I fed my hamburger to an angry dog, and went home full of the soul of the night.


Nice, David. But, "Reznorville" is spelled with two l's.

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