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Speaking of goats....were you aware that they are making a Lord of the rings type film of the Chronicles of Narnia? Tilda Swinton will be playing the Ice Queen....GOOD CASTING. Anyway the website is http://adisney.go.com/disneypictures/narnia/index.html

Weta is doing its magic on this picture as well. The firast book in the series comes out this December. Nice.


I love me some Tilda Swinton. If I were gay, she would totally be the woman I'd suffer a far off unrequited crush on. She is utterly fabulous. However, I am non-plussed by Narnia, I must say. I don't think I even finished those books


In fact all of them were read to you Zak and Sarah prior to the great RINGS readings at Elsa's. We read them in the evenings in that 2-story house in South San Jose just after dancing 'round the room to Joni Mitchell or the Eagles or some such sounds and just before bed, bed, bed. Guess their impression was completely swamped by Aragorn and Co. Anyway, I suspect that these books could be rather delightful done in the Rings style. I would LOVE to see The Dawntreader with Reepacheep and his tiny sword and massive heart. His walk into heaven would be a lovely cine-moment.

And Tilda...what's to say? She was BORN the Ice Queen with her smooth-as-glass skin and her far-away ambience. I am not surprised that you like her.

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