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Wait until you read the L.A. Times Calendar interview (the article is written by Robert Hilburn, who wrote that great Calendar section feature back in the Outside Tour days with Bowie.)

If "The Fragile" was one man's unknown impending doom -- and I mean _real_ doom, not leather-and-rubber doom -- than "With Teeth" proves to be a record of self-affirmation.

Yes, that's right bitches -- TRENT REZNOR is your new Tony Robbins. And prepare to fucking LOVE him for it.


I like those underscores, you big gay tard. Also, I can't wait to read that LA Times business!


You've got a way with words when it's about the Rez, don't you, Jane. Did you read the bit about his near death heroin overdose experience in London?


Plus, nice review here.


WHAT?! I haven't read that! Is it in the LA Times? Thank God that's apparently a thing of the past. I hope he can keep on keeping his shit together from here on out.


...as for nice testimonials, I like this this one by David Bowie...


yep, the heroin o.d. is in the L.A. Times article. I'm guessing it's why those pair of London gigs in 2000 ended up getting cancelled?

I know it sounds uber-gay and all, but I really had no idea, and we should have been more aware. Damn this obsessive-compulsive psuedo-personal connection I've created for myself.

And it also makes sense why he's shitcanned all the rest of the old bandmates from back in the day, too... not because Lohner and Finck and co. weren't good performers, but when you're getting ready to go back on tour after 4 years of sobriety, I guess you hedge your bets every way you can.

Appalled Jane

Ok. I read that shit, and I'm just saying, for the record, that if it ever happens again, I will kill him MYSELF. I am SO not trying to hear ANYTHING MORE of that nature, so if he needs to hedge his bets by going on tour with the Sesame Street Band while drinking gallons of beet juice with ginger, wearing white, burning Nag Champa, and staring at his own huge muscles, I'm all for it. I would, however, suggest that he be careful with the beet juice and white shirts combo. Staining could ensure if he develops the other variety of drinking problem.

Good lord. I am such a geek.


Jane, I think there are a lot of us who are really excited about the new release, and glad The Rez hasn't offed himself in some awful way, but what's with the beet juice, and what the hell is Nag Champa?


Nag Champa: "Satya Sai Baba Nag Champa incense is India's most popular high grade meditation incense. It is known worldwide and made from costly, highly fragrant rare gums, resins, powders and pure Mysore Sandalwood Oil. It has been appreciated for decades as an exceptional quality incense for deep calming meditation and for creating sacred spaces. Powerfully fragrant and long lasting, the scent will linger in your room for hours."

As for the Beet Juice, I think you just need to get updated on all the latest, dude. It appears that Trent is fully aware of what happens to your poo when you drink beet juice.

Just now, when I typed "poo" I thought of both Rian (who is probably never going to read this blog again after a few more posts of this nature, because, don't worry, they are so boiling up right now and ON THEIR WAY), and Albert Camus, who makes me feel a lot better about rediscovering my inner freakshow.


Awesome blog. Just found by happenstance when searching for "Trent Reznor"+sobriety. Wanted to find out more about cancelled gigs during Fragility.

Anyway, FWIW, you're a great writer. I'm putting this in my Favorites....


Crazy Jane

Thanks, Smidge!

richard bieth

You must all be from the U.S. the way you use the word "gay" as an insult. I have not heard someone say "that's so gay" in years. I'm sure Trent would be rolling his eyes - especially since my gaydar as a gay man thinks he's gay. Get over using "gay" as an insult and stop being the little homophobic puppets of the religious right in george bush's america. I'm sure Trent would agree. Have you learned nothing from his music.

I'm so gay - and proud of it!



As someone whose best friend in all the world is as gay as the day is long, who has lived in a major metropolitan center for my entire life, has a degree in aesthetic theory, and who totally voted for John Kerry partially because George Bush's homophobic religious right America scares the living shit out of me, I apologize for having something on my blog that offends your sensibilities.

If you had read much of my blog, I think you would have noticed that there is absolutely no fear or hatred of gayness around here, and that using the word "gay" as I have above is totally a joke that I hope even Trent Reznor would fail to be scandalized by. If you think about what is actually meant by my sentence, using that word in the gradeschool sense, as I did, and not to actually signify homosexuality, which I did not, all it means is that I have a feeling that it's uncomfortable to share with others, but which is completely natural and authentic to me. Moreover, when I say I'm feeling "totally gay" about being excited about seeing Reznor's awesome rock show, I am actually celebrating that feeling, of which I am in no way ashamed. In fact, I love that feeling.

Being all wrought up over a word like this is what give that kind of thing it's power, you know. It reminds me of something Bono said when asked if it's creepy to play a concert in Hitler's Olympic Stadium in Berlin: Why give it so much weight? Paint it pink and have a fucking party.

Even if you can't do that, please be assured that there is absolutely no anti-gay sentiment intended in any way whatsoever on Crazy Jane.



George Bush is so fucking GAY.


What a wonderful blog...anyway, I am a huge fan of Trent and NIN...I am so glad he did not die from heroin...the music world would be bleak indeed...


Thanks, Pio!


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Sudoku Vague ideas ended up being in that case , transported to Okazaki, japan by its bigger picture printer manufacturer Nikoli. This created the sport in its bristling conventional paper Periodic Nikoli between January 84. Nikoli originator Maki Kaji tended to give the item often the person's name Sudoku, a reputation of the fact that specialist carries brand legal rights beyond; other Mandarin chinese catalogs which probably listed the very bigger picture be required to be satisfied with solution artists.

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