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Pretty good.


How are you guys?


Waiting for more stains.




Oh, that's very informative, Rian. Geez!

The rest of you are HOSERS!


*sigh* every day is exactly the same.

i'm making it my goal, jane, to one day write a post here that involves a topic that is not the topic of every other post i've ever written. including this one.

so far it's not working. bring on the essay.

six days, kids.


Jane Fans-

I suffered a near monumental orgasmic episode Friday morning (4/22) and afternoon upon learning that my Chechu (Jose Luis Rubiera) was the virtual leader of stage #4 in the Tour de Georgia. Not only did he smoke the weenies that were trying to keep up and bask in his greatness, he made the entire peloton suffer from his hammer.

Although he did not win the stage, he did claim the 'King of the Mountains' jersey for good and earned the distinction of 'Most Aggressive Rider' for the stage.

Jens Voigt almost winning Liege-Bastogne-Liege. Damn, it was so close. Kudos to Vino.

Chechu Rubiera. Imagine a victorious, hot cycling stud awash in champagne...

Oh yea...Jane, the plans for the Getaway will come together nicely.

Traffic on the Santa Monica Freeway late Saturday afternoon was light. WTF? Loving it!! Visiting the Festival of Books at UCLA - I was in nirvana!

On the other hand, federal jury duty is 5 working days away. It sucks (sometimes) to be me. But my mind is already brewing a way to get out of a possible 3 month case (legal means, people. I am no slacker!)


I agree with Bryan, Jane. Bring on the opus.

What's all this about Chechu Rubiera and Jens Voigt? Who the heck are those guys?


Chechu Rubiera and Jens Voigt are super hammers of the professional bike racing world, which is something I write a very silly column about in a parallel universe to this one.

Howler & Bryan: The opus is, as mentioned above, IN THE PIPES.


Waiting for the opus too ;)


Be careful what you wish for, homies.


On a totally different note, it was my hubby's birthday (30th none the less) on Saturday. Nathan came with us for a day trip to London. We had afternoon tea in Harrods with, (yes, it really is the only place in the whole of England where you can get these) fresh, hot, creamy, delicious Krispy Kremes. Which was truly wonderful!


Awesome, Anna! There's a remote chance that I may come through London on my way to either Paris or Prague in early July... How far are all you from London? It would be so cool to visit, and perhaps partake of the scrumptiousness at Harrods!

Jane again



Yeah Jane, you've got to do it. Bournemouth is beautiful in early July! Sun, sea, sand and us of course. We're a two hour trian or bus trip from London... no Krispy Kremes, but the fisha nd chips are second to none.

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