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Tara H.

Wow, we look like the Brady Bunch or some shit. You have way better audience pictures than I do, man. I have a few good ones of John Darnielle on stage, though and that other band that reminds me of Dexter's Laboratory, Radiation4.

That was an awesome show! I'm sorry Steve had to miss it :-( , but there's next time and an album to look forward to! Does anyone know when that's coming out?


Glad you guys went to the show! Looks like a rockin' good time. I wish I had come out to LA -- it would be cool to meet you, you all are adorable.

PS - album is out April (duben, right?) 26 I think.

Jane Herself

Tara: WHEN WILL YOU EVER POST YOUR PICTURES? Dexter's Laboratory is a perfect comparison for Radiation4. Oh my goodness did they rule. Poor Steve.

Lalitree: I think I can safely speak for all of us when I say that we're glad we went to the show, too, and that it would have been a pleasure to have met you, had you been there. Perhaps next time? Being adorable is never bad, so thank you for that. Do give our best and highest regards to the old ball and chain.


Ah, those two guys on the bottom left were charming and totally hilarious. The witty (and wittily loud) banter you exchanged with them over the beginning of the song about Darnielle's friend's suicide slayed me. Do you still have their email address? I'd like to send them my thanks, by putting them on the mailing list of several equally hilarious feces-centric porn sites. (new search string!)

I dunno, maybe I'm getting grumpy in my old age, but I couldn't just swallow the antics stage left of me in the 'this is a rock and roll show and we're all having a rowdy good time' way I probably could have if we were seeing a regular band. It's the Mountain Goats, man. Seriously. You shut the hell up and watch the show when the Mountain Goats are playing.


this is so fucked up. i never see you at the pig, but then i stumble on your blog during an onset of insomnia. life is funny like that. when you start to read this you will do the stereotypical, "who the fuck is this" then hit my link and say "oh, that crazy fucking bitch." then all hope for the future will be lost.

or something.

Tara H.

CJ, I'll post them soon, but I'm feeling a little under the weather at the moment...

Sabrina, who the hell are you? Ah. I just visited your web site. You're a friend of Tony's. OK. Go to sleep.

Jane Herself

Rian: Those two guys were not charming, but it must be said that they were not both equally UNcharming. The banter I exchanged with them consisted of telling the bearded one to SHUT UP on that, and several other occasions; and it must be said, you cranky old geezer, that it was I, and not you, who was on the recieving end of the brunt of all their charm. I'd have to say that my favorite was when, after the song about loving John Coltrane, goddamit, I think I said "that was bitchin'", or some other such thing, and beardy over there took the opportunity to shout the mental retardation that I wanted to "make out" with JD, prompting The Artist to reply "Well, I'm married." So, you can quit your bellyaching, because I had MUCH greater cause to hate them after being forced to swallow being chastised for stupidity that was not my own by one of the very last people I'd like to have been chastised by, and was still able to find the charity within to say to myself: "this is a drunk couple of over-enthusiastic youngsters, and I have to stand next to them all night at a time when I'd prefer not. Even so, I'm gonna keep it cordial and let it be all about the love, because I am THAT DELIGHTED to be at this show. Hatin' and smack downs are really not in order." So take your negativity and can it, ok? Can't you think of anything NICE to say?

Love, Jane

Jane Again

Ah, Sabrina! I've actually seen your blog before, so "the future" is no more lost than ever it was, which is to say, not at all. Maybe I'll see you one day, at Le Pig, and we can plot the revolution. In the meantime, I will say that "oooh, my wootchata likes" always cracked me up. Stay crazy, bitch.


Holy cow - I'm being smacked down for bellyaching on CJ's blog? Black is white, up is down. I like this turn of events. I'm going to have to complain more often.

And I won't get into the relative uncharmingness of them, but I will say you did a good job in not getting angry with them and rudely shutting them down and turning the evening's vibe bad, which I'm sure I would have done. Cause I'm a GRUMPY PANTS. But I'll own my grumpiness on this one. It's the Mountain Goats, man. Harruumph.


Rian my dear: I hear that reasoning, and concurr, but it's exactly the reason I chose NOT to smack down. I wanted humor and good will to prevail, and I think it did... just not in your grumpy, black heart of darkness, I guess.

As to black being white, and up being down, WHATEVA! If you only knew how much bellyaching I don't do on these pages, you would cut me some slack when it spills over. Meh!

Finally, I think the rhyming couplet that closed out that rebuttal to your bellyaching deserved some notice. I'm disappointed.


You were three syllables off from a true couplet. Meh meh meh.


I will beat you.

Tara H.

Lalitree, thanks for the update on when the next album is coming out. We are all looking forward to that :-)

CJ, I put one of the photos up, but I'm not feeling so good right now, so more later.

Crazy Jane

Such a good photo, Tara. Feel better soon. If you need anything, I'm standing by.

Tara H.

Awwwww... thanks :-)

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