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Thank you ever so much. When you come out I will personally restrain myself from making you the best omelette ever in order to serve you a greasy traditional English Breakfast.

Tara H.


Hey, Nathan. How's the snowy weather?

Tara H.

Looks like it's warmer in England than it is here!


Oh man! I AM SO LUCKY.


I followed your links... is The Cinematic Underground CD any good?

Crazy Jane


Oh, it's alright, I guess.


Hi Tara,
It actually IS snowing out here. I can't believe it. Three times in as many days. We're lighting our little stove in our kitchen and huddling 'round.

Tara H.

In your t-shirts?! Put some clothes on! You'll freeze! Geez, by the looks of you photos (very nice photo essay, by the way), I would have thought it was the middle of summer.


Sorry to go off topic, but the Big Hink just won Kuurne-Bruxelles-Kuurne by 14 ticks in a solo break!! YES! Oh lord, how I HATE not being able to watch these things LIVE. Instead I get channels and channels of overpaid spoiled chest-thumping goobers chasing round balls around rectangular patches of flat ground. Yawn.

So breakfast later this week once I get the last chapter of my book sent off?
-Loco Borgo


So yeah, George won from a 2-man break with Kevin Van Impe (Chocolade Jacques)... but the beauty is that Discovery was all over the race, with guys in every break and about five guys with George in the lead near the end. Devolder was an animal, attacking like crazy after the day-long break with Hoste was caught. Devolder helped drive the chase, and then attacked with Boonen and wore him out. That left George the perfect springboard with about 5km left... George was able to sit in all day and do no work while his boys tore up the race. And then, BAM! he smokes 'em in the final few ks. AWESOME!!


WOOOO! I heard that! I wrote to Big G this morning, and hopefully will chat with him soon. That is just the coolest, and as you know there is NO ONE I'd rather see win!

Breakfast? TOTALLY. Call me!


I AM SO STOKED that George finally has a team behinf him, making it happen like it should. That is just SO COOL.

I got an e-mail from him in reply to my congratulations, and there were plenty of explanation points, so it seems like he's stoked, too.


Let me know on breakfast, dude.


Hi Jane,

Sorry to continue the off topic (although greasy English breakfasts are one of my favourites)... It was a great win by George yesterday. I was watching it LIVE on www.cycling.tv. You and Locutus must check this site out. I also watched Het Volk live (it was supposed to be pay-per-view but when I went to the site it showed it to me for free). Anyway George looked super strong -- he covered an attack by Van Impe with about 6k left and the two stayed together to the end and then George just totally blew him away in the sprint. Bring on Paris-Roubaix!!! I can't wait.



THAT IS AWESOME. As I've said many times, no one is more deserving of glorious victory in lycra than George. I'm so bummed that I missed watching it. I'm going to have to get on the ball with this cycling.tv thing.

I can't wait until the real show starts - Flanders, Ghent, Paris-Roubaix. If G's team is looking this good, he may just have some support when it counts, and if he gets it, I just know he can drive it all the way home.



's not my birthday till July. Sheez.

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