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I think it's wonderful that you've finished. It must feel amazing and free...does it not?


Oh, I'm delighted by that. It really rankled, because it felt like I finished AGES ago, but not really. More importantly, though, it had to be done by June, or I was going to be facing some visa challenges once I got to Prague. That diploma makes a big difference.

Matt Ambrose

Glad you finally posted, bitch. As one currently experiencing "the panic, the vomit" right now, I feel you. Of course, Wodehouse said "the artistic temperament" is pure bosh - an excuse for not getting to work. Maybe he wasn't an artist.

Glad to hear you managed to pry your diploma from USC's cold, cruel fingers.

Oh, and on a suggestion from you from many years ago, I'm reading The Myth of Sisyphus. Brilliant! Camus is a professional dreamboat, right?


The Myth of Sisyphus is sheer pleasure. I almost feel like lighting a cigarette when I've finished it. If Albert Camus were alive today, I would STALK HIM. Have you read his Notebooks? That book of Lyrical and Critical Essays? Seriously, I am in love... but you know what? I've never really loved his novels. If you ask me, fiction was not his bag.

Nick C.

Why did you not mention any relationship between Kafka and the experience of mental turbulence in your post?

How do funky mood swings feed into Kafka's world view of existential angst?


I didn't mention it because I have no thoughts on that topic currently. Sorry to disappoint. Also, I am reading a fictional NOVEL by Kafka, not a biography. Also, I have no idea about how anything feeds into in Kafka's worldview of existential angst, or anything else, since I'm not Franz Kafka.



It doesn't hurt to learn you are 'SC. I still dig you, girl! ;)

Your offspring looks dapper in thespian rags. Way to suck it up Monkey Man-to-be!!

Its good to hear from you, Jane. Lame? Never.


I think your next big project should be "stop thinking of myself as lame". It's harder than it sounds ;) Congrats on finishing.


I'm with Alda -- autodelamification is definitely called for. Congratulations on the persuasive rhetoric that resulted in the B.A.

I forged a college transcript to get my visa for Japan; it's dead easy. Of course, I spoiled the effect by getting the real thing later, but that fraudulent transcript worked for me for years.

Oh yeah: Kafka's letters to Marina Whatserbuckets -- c'est vyborny! However you spell "vyborny."

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