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Matt Ambrose

"Bitches in Glendale"? That rules! As usual, vodka tonic literally shot out my nose. I always get hits from people searching on "prison bitches."

Matt Ambrose

Oh, and WTF is going on with Matt O'Leary's HAIR?! Has it been genetically engineered for optimal mussing and running of fingers through it?

My god, the HAIR.


That hair probably means he's destined for teen beat greatness. Did you read the comments under the picture linked here? Here's a sample:

"i Luv matt oleary . I think that it is totally unfair how other people get to meet him, I think i should lol. In this pictures matt looks really hot I just hope he doesent smoke in real life!!!!


Matt Ambrose

I did read those comments, and I was horrified. I think these young'uns today are simply too puritanical. I love a smoker. I love kissing ashtray mouth.

In other news, my new favorite word is "pitchers" for pictures.

Also, I've discovered a new totally disgusting word... lingual.


Right? Let a kid smoke, for chrissake! I like "pitchers," but I thought your new favorite word was "plum."

"Lingual" is totally sick. It's right up there with "textual."


Mind the sass, you two. This is starting to sound like an abnormally literate episode of Queer Eye.

Matt Ambrose

And that's bad?


It leads to people being textualingual.
Queer Guy for the Third Eye.


mattO is SO CUUUUTE! i can't wait to see brick because so is josephGL. i don't think MO should smoke though, that's gross!!!

please tell matt i LOVE HIM!



Jane Herself

Looks like the search engines have kicked in on this, baby...


OMG. Do you know Matt? I Love him! Please tell him to stop smoking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



okay firt of all. mattO is the hottest 17 year old on the planet. and secondly, i kno it is bad he is smoking, but it is not that simple to just tell him to quit and he will. it takes more than that and would be very hard.


i love bad boyz! i don't want matt 2 quit smoking. i will be his slave 2 luv, and he can smoke like a chimney 4 all i care.


That's the spirit, Amycee.


hey jane, have u heard any news about when this movie is gonna be comin out in theatres? im about to die with anticipation!


Not as such. But it will be comin' to theaters...


I think Matt is a great actor!!!! And he should do more movies!!!!


matt please don't smoke your a great guy and if u start smoking not alot if girls will like you as much as they did when u were 12 well i love matt good luck on anything

Ashley Rickard

Hi matt I read a lot of things that people say about you and most of them r saying dont smoke well I think you do what you want to do it's your choice. Know matter what your chioce is I will still love you.


OMG!! i really love matt oleary!!he is my idol!! i love you!! i've got nothung to say,he's very handsome!!

adam malook khan

Matt is one of the best actors i have seen in a long time.Superb acting in 'frailty' for such a young actor. Keep it up matt.


Hey guys!!! Matt is a patient at the dental office I work at in Glenview IL...He is an amzing person. Very down to earth and friendly!!! A real sweetheart!!!!


This thread made my day. It makes me sad that Matt's fan are like that. Just know that not all are that childish (meaning me).

By the way, thanks for all the amazing photos from your Brick weekend :)

Arnold Reyfald Diegho

I am arnold from indonesia.OH,Matt o'leary.i like him too.Since he showed in domestic disturbace,i had fans with him.Matt o'leary is my idol in 2007.Joseph Mazzello,Heath Ledger,and Mariana Renata is my idol too.Matt,i wish always nice,spirit,and bring it out your totally action.I always to pray you.BRING IT OUT THE QUALITY ACTOR IN YOU.DARE TO SHINE,BE YOUR SELF,ALSO GET THE NEXT SUCESSFULL WITH HONEST,HONOURABLE,AND FULL STRUGGLE.OK.That's from me.I wish kiss you forever.gbu.bye.

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