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Is this another picture of happy and sad clowns? The costumes are not quite as flamboyant, and the happy clowns look like someone just tweeked their nipples and are looking for more.

On another note, heard you got rid of the evil auto. Good for you! One more form on grief and panic gone.

Hope all is well....welllll, as long as you don't have to give them that 2nd nipple tweek.



Wardrobe malfunctions?

Where are the fashion 'mo's when you need them? Tweeking?


So it's true -- there *are* laidback counterculture freaks somewhere in LA. They're not where I am, though, that's fo sho. This part of LA is middle America supreme, and even the students are squeaky clean.

Crazy Jane

You freaks!


WE are freaks? Have you looked at those rogues again?!?!?! God only knows what THAT trio is up to! Benign, maybe...but maybe not.

Jane Herself

I meant them, but for the record, entirely benign.

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