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ne po út st čt so
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Tara H.

Ah, these photos are looooooovely.

Matt Ambrose

Congratulations to Rian, Steve, Nathan and crew! I particularly liked this little bit of reviewery:

"...Johnson walks a tightrope of hard-bitten sobriety and irony like a seasoned pro. This geek is going places."

Indeed. I also loved mention of Steve's "luminous framings" and Nathan's "taut score". No set of geeks ever deserved better praise! Frankly, I don't feel worthy.

Nick C.

If this is what unemployment looks like, then I'm all for it!


Tara: Thanks, girl.

Matt: right?! Seriously, it's awesome how well they've done. I wish you could see this totally brilliant film RIGHT NOW!

Nick: I know! I mean, I am COLD BUSTED BROKE, but sometimes I really have to admit that my life couldn't get much richer. If only I weren't living so completely on borrowed time...

Nick C.

Borrowed time is not easy, I guess. I wonder how the Park City media would have responded to your showing up at Sundance in a red 1993 Nissan Sentra???


Who cares! At least I don't drive an H2.


Jane, I love your photos from the debut weekend.


Thanks, Drew!

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