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Nick C.

Triumph, congratulations! But does rcjohnso get the girl???

Tara H.


Congratulations to Rian and to everyone who worked on the film. It was great seeing all of you guys and it was AWESOME seeing Brick, the best film ever.



Here is a piece of the writeup from Variety on the 22nd regarding Brick. Good Goin'!!

"...Meanwhile, the fest also gained heat as a number of high-profile pics that screened Friday and Saturday were already in hot pursuit by buyers.

Though no deals had closed, acquisitions execs were circling "The Matador," "Brick" and the Slamdance title "Mad Hot Ballroom."

...Modern-day film noir "Brick," from tyro helmer Rian Johnson and starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Lukas Haas, seemed close to a deal this weekend. Lions Gate and Focus Features among others were circling "Brick" on Saturday being repped at fest by John Sloss' Cinetic Media.



And a littl sump'n'sump'n' from WIRED at


"Rian Johnson's Brick is worth seeing, if only to lock in the director as definitely a talent to watch. The idea (high school noir, Sam Spade in high school) is quite brilliant, although it outstays its welcome. I have a feeling the film could grow into a little sleeper in the Donnie Darko fashion -- there's a lot to admire and enjoy." Wells reaction: Bullshit -- it's a clever little film, and accurately reflects the way 16 and 17 year-olds see their world, which is to say totally separate from adults and utterly caught up in their narrow social spectrum, but it's too smug for its own good.

Jane Herself

So far, this is my favorite, including this bit from the Hollywood Reporter:

Under Johnson's articulate command, technical contributions are superb, most prominently cinematographer Steve Yedlin's luminous, charged framings which should be a major contender for the fest's cinematography award. Adding wicked counterpoint to the sleaziness is Nathan Johnson's music. Deliciously oozy woodwinds wrap and coil around the plot -- more devious charm in this hard-formed "Brick."



The image you shot for the debut is great! I heard that it went well but the acoustics were not soo great.

It was great meeting you on Saturday --- the movie rightly deserves all its praise

I see that Lion Gate and Focus has been circling -- if the movie does get picked up will they change anything about it?

Crazy Jane

Heather: Nice meeting you, too. I have no idea on the answer to your question. Sorry!


Jane! You're awesome. It was lovely to meet you that tired Sunday morn, and your roadtrip documentation kicks! Lovely pictures, lovely people.

Jane Herself

Thanks, Rain! It was inexpressibly lovely to meet you (all of all y'all), too. I do hope I'll have the pleasure again sometime soon, and if you're in LA while I'm still here, look me up!


Congratulations to all the people involved in the making of Brick for the great success, the Special Jury Prize and the deal with Focus Features! Special greetings to the wonderful Nora Zehetner!

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