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I've never been to Utah!

Crazy Baybee,
Play my favorite Utah game; Count The Black People. In all my trips to Momo Country I have never made it to double digits. Visitors don't count, only the indigenous.


Oh yeah baby!
My road trip to Sundance will begin on
22/01/05 (Sat)
05.00GMT depart Bournemouth UK
09.00GMT arrive London UK
12.00GMT flight depart
15.00CST arrive Minneapolis MN USA
16.50CST flight depart
17.53MST arrive Denver CO USA
20.00MST mini van depart
23/01/05 (Sun)
04.00MST arrive Park City UT USA
Come on!


I am anticipating a gigantic party. The Brits will be thrilled to be in a place that makes England seem warm by comparison.
I'm getting giddy just thinking about being in that theater with OTHER PEOPLE watching the film!

Jane Herself

Nathan, I'm giddy just thinking about hearing your soundtrack! Also, I just can't believe it's the legendary BRICK that's about to be unleashed. AWESOME!!!!

Tosh: I've heard that about Utah. Personally, I'm looking forward to experiencing the liquor laws.



Have a great time in Park City. I just got back from there yesterday (a little ski trip). Its going to be wild -- some of the locals that I was hanging with were all scheming about how to get into some of the parties. No scheming for you -- you'll probably be walking right in on the red carpet with all the other celebrities! Make sure you hang out on Main Street of Park City. There are many bars (or Clubs -- you have to be a "member" in order to drink there) for you to investigate the liquor laws. I'd give you some of the bar names but I don't remember them.......

All the best to you and Brick!


Tara H.

Wooo hooo!

I can't wait! See you guys there!



Omygod. Who painted the Brick poster, Michealangelo?

Jane Herself

Some genius... not sure who...

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