leden 2010

ne po út st čt so
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Matt Ambrose

Seriously. We need to start printing this shit up big. I'm bidding on an enlarger on eBay as we speak. Oh yeah, and I've got to get on that Hasselblad I've been meaning to buy...

Those mineral stains are brilliant. Graffiti is playing a huge role in all of my new mineral stains as well. Ever since I saw a show of Aaron Siskind photos. You should check him out here. We are easily as good.

Jane Herself

Aaron Siskind's ass is ours.

Tara H.

You guys should do an art show of this stuff. Seriously.

Crazy Jane

Oh, I know. We are geniuses.

Tara H.

CJ, as you know, I LOVE these mineral stains, but when do we get to see Mr. Cundiff dancing in the sink?

Tara H.

Where are the party pictures, man?

Crazy Jane

OMG, I am so lazy!

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