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I even gave a wave when I though you might be flying over.. I might have been off by about a day though :(


Matt Ambrose

Dude, Los "Salt Mines" Angeles SUCKS. It wouldn't be so bad if "they" would invest in decent public transportation. The driving alone...

I introduced the subject of the CELTA course to my Ball and Chain. He thought it fit nicely with our probable move to Moscow. Anywhere but the fucking United Red States of Facist America.

Jane Herself

Lucas: (Sorry, I have to call you LUCAS!) I can't tell you how heart-warming it is to know that you're thinking about me. I saw the pictures of your wife and baby on your website, and dude, CONGRATS! I wish I could make a little trip back to the 'hood to see you all.

Matty: LISTEN TO THIS! To make matters even worse, since Monday, I have received veritable OFFERS OF WORK from the three schools in Prague I was targeting for a job in that glorious, public transportation blessed, winter wonderland. IF I WERE IN PRAGUE, I could be WORKING RIGHT NOW. As it stands, I will be STRUGGLING to find work IN LOS FUCKING ANGELES that WON'T PAY THE BILLS, and DRIVING MY GODDAMNED CAR.

If I am CAPITALIZING TOO MUCH, it's because it's 6:33 in the morning, and I have to practice my SILENT SCREAM.



I'm the last person to give life advice, or at least I should be, but that's never stopped me before.

Seems to me that you've taken the first step towards the life you want. Isn't just a matter of one step at time and keeping your eyes on the prize? Sometimes the wait between steps is agonizing, but if there's one true thing about life it's that change happens.

Sooner or later you'll move forward again, it's just a matter of being patient. Difficult I know, but a pretty universal problem. A 300 pound transvestite once told me: "Patience is a virtue, possess it if you can, seldom in a woman, never in a man."

As to "winter wonderland" it was -28c yesterday on my ride to work. Despite my previous rhapsodizing that was a little too much winter for that time in the morning.


I'm not sure the suffocating corpse-like stink of this fascist hellhole is entirely the problem. From reading the Prague Blog, I think it's very possible that you DO actually have a really bad hangover.

In any case, it's lovely to have you back.

Jane Herself

The best part of being back is seeing the likes of you, Mr. Johnso.


For chrissakes, just kiss already. I know I would, if given the chance.


Um, I can think of one good thing about LA:

Jon Brion At Largo This Friday. With Rian. And Me.

(okay, that's 4 things).

Wanna go and make it 5?

Jane Herself

Um, how about: If you go without me I will EXACT PAINFUL REVENGE?! I can't really overstate how incredibly stoked I am by the VERY THOUGHT of going with you.

In short, I AM IN.


Dude, glad to hear that you are back, sort of. So, like, what is keeping you from going back to Prague with said little glorious monkey? And puppy? Is this a middle-of-the-school-year kind of thing?

Up to my armpits in final exams and such. Hmph. Will make it to the velodrome in Carson on Saturday most likely for that UCI track event. Got out a couple of book proposals... weird to be so near getting the book finished (just in time for tenure). If I can get a contract soon, it will be pretty much a done deal. Oh yeah, and developed a case of Bell's Palsy over the weekend... left side of my face can't smirk and make the raised eyebrow look, at least for a couple of weeks and this clears up. Now I drool a lot and have to tape my eyelid shut when I sleep. Upside: I've grown back my satan beard and wear an eyepatch when I teach. You know, like the evil twins Star Trek episode. When life throws you palsy, make, um... palsy-aid?

Hope to see you soon.

Jane Herself

Tricky, in a word: LOGISTICS. And, yes, school year concerns. Monkeyboy is happy in his school, and I think he should be allowed to finish the year there. HARUMPH! Oh, and hey! Rock on with that Bell's Palsy!

I can't wait to see you, too! Let's hook up!


Okay, CJ.. it's a deal. I get on a plane in 10 hours and will see you when I get into LA at around 6.15 Friday night.
I haven't gotten ahold of Rian in the last couple days, but I sent him my flight info, so put in a good word for me and don't let him leave me at the airport.

I can't believe that I'll be actually hanging out with the LA crew in less that 24 hours! Get ready to party with the... um... sleepy boy!

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