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This is sounding more and more like "Eurotrip 2" every day...

JoAnna Kelleher

If you knew how wonderful a person you are underneath all of the insecurities, you would be astounded. Just be willing to see yourself and the world around you differently. You could see peace instead of craving another person to make you whole. You are a sacred being! Open your eyes to your own beautiful light and let it shine on those around you.


"Eurotrip 2: Bloc Rock!"

Jane Herself

Rian: Blow me. Also, I adore you.

Johanna: That observation, while it may be factually true (my being fabulous and all), is well and truly beside the point.


This isn't specifically about your crusheroo (although, good on ya), but I'd fallen out of the blogwagon there for a while and lost the post I meant to reply to.

Anyway: teaching English and hangovers, in my experience, go together like horse and carriage. Or beer and schnapps. Or brats and kraut. When I first got to Japan, when I was teaching English, I would somehow manage to teach fourteen hours with the devil's own katzenjammer.

But you may be too old to A) be so stupid, or B) take that sort of abuse.

Happy teaching, flirting, and sousing!


Whoo whee! Go on, indulge! The great thing about unrequited crushes is that they're perfect. No "relationship" issues to deal with, no annoyances over petty day to day details, just pure desire and fantasy. The impossiblity of it all adds melancholy intensity.

What a great phrase, "epilepsy of desire", I promise to credit you when I steal it, honest.

Jane Herself

Coelecanth: Thanks for the compliments on my terms of romantic angst. You've hit the nail on the head, though, with your sense of the crux of the matter where the unrequited crush is concerned: I do believe my crush gland chose this particular charming and angular creature for his special and privileged unsuitability. I cringe to consider how dire an actual "relationship" would be. Oh, no. No.

Too bad I can't just ask him, after a beer or two, to make out with me ONE TIME on the Charles Bridge some freezing cold midnight, as Prague's magnificent castle and St. Vitus Catherdral loom in the background, lit up like an opera stage.

It's all about the postcard, people. That, and actually passing my CELTA course. Just trying to keep it simple over here.

Matt Ambrose

Yeah, just a make-out session and a good snog on the steps of St. Vitus should be enough to fix you right up. Worry about the unavoidable post-coital attachments later. At least when you get home, you will have had a Euro boyfriend, no matter how much you want to kill yourself.

Jane Herself

Uh... who mentioned anything COITAL?

Matt Ambrose

Are you trying to tell me you haven't considered his cock?

Matt Ambrose

And anyway, Jane... cheapening your crush with talk of coitus is my way of comforting you. Haven't you figured that out yet?

Nick C.

This is off-topic, but with some continuity to previous comments in the past months, check:

Richard W. returns from Iceland in December. So these might be some of his last pics
from that dreamy location.

Jane Herself

Matt: I actually, HONESTLY, have not considered said item. In fact, I cannot even mention it. There is no way. No, no, no. I'm glad you recognize how much the loftiness of my aesthetic reveries are cheapened by your rude insistence on corporeality. Having said that, I am comforted. Thanks.

Nick: Iceland is always lovely... but that last one with the musical instument made of tuned stones is going to be pretty hard to top. That is still the dreamiest thing ever... besides Prague at night after a few drinks, in the company of charm...

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