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Janesky, Give this link a try

Jane Herself

Brilliant as always! Oh man, how I love Jon Stewart. How's everything over there in making-a-baby land, Lucas?


Baby land? Amazing, overwelming, add your adjective here.. Take a look at my home page in a few days.. I should have been able to get some sort of Isaac page put together by then. Until then, I'm just trying to let Christi get some sleep here and there ;)

Matt Ambrose

Jon Stewart's hair... nuff said.

Matt Ambrose

Dude, I sent you an email you must read.

Crazy Jane

Read and answered... And, here I thought having my tooth pulled out this morning was going to be the nadir of my day!

How wrong I was.

Tara H.

Hey, CJ, how did it go? Did they just pull the one tooth or all fourth?

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