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Matt Ambrose

Dude, your bra is total leather daddy material. Sure would like to tap that ass.

Hey, just discovered a new disgusting word...


Jane Herself

I'm pretty sure my "bra" would beg to differ, but did you notice the burly charm of Handsome Kevin? I LOVE THAT GUY!

Also, you're right: "coagulate" is grody. Ew!


In fact, it was positively orgasmic. I never wanted it to end. I wanted to vote for John Kerry over and over and over again.
Crazy Baybee,
Was that a touch screen?
Tosho, I shall now change my metaphor from the "monk in the boat" to the "Kerry Berry"

Jane Herself

Har har. You guys are gay wads.


Hey, when do you leave? Or are you on a plane already? Happy (con)trails, and drink a real Bud (or many) for us!


crazyee baybee,
from jacob the precious monkey to chris the charming chimp, you are in the company of such serene simians.
tosho, gayrilla

Jane Herself

I love my monkeys!

Meg: I'm leaving today... and that's why I'm about to go INSANE!


Hi, I happened upon your blog via a google image search. I have a character I write about who is a 4'9" man, but perfectly proportioned and I was looking for any information about such people in reality, and its turning out to be a bitch. Your picture (top right of the post) has been the only one I've found that's even come close. So I was wondering, how tall is he? I've noticed that you're a photographer so certainly it might be a camera trick, but i was wondering.

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