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Matt Ambrose

I heard that.

I'm so sick of that "liberal when young/ conservative when older" aphorism. Total bullshit. Most of the people who use it don't even know where it came from, and they pretend that they made it up themselves. The first person to say it was Malcolm Muggeridge, a famous mid 20th century secular liberal who, as an older man, converted to Catholicism and became an infamously rabid conservative.

Isn't his little epigram so conveniently self-affirming?

Erin Lady Byrne

Your friend Steve is hot.

Jane Herself

ELB, that is a truth that fire cannot melt out of me.



Steve is indeed hot. I absolutely 100% agree with you on that.

Erin Lady Byrne

If he ever needs library fines cleared, I may be able to help him out. You know, if he's ever in Tulsa.


I really think my head is going to explode. I mean, just how long does it take you folk to elect a president? Get on with it already! I can't stand the suspense.

If the worst happens and W gets back in feel free to come north. Canada has been losing smart people to the U.S. for decades, be nice to get some back.

Matt Ambrose

Omigod. I'm SO on a plane to Canada if this tyrant is "re-elected." I seriously have the immigration papers already. I would even learn French if it would improve my chances of getting landed immigrant status. Jane, who knows me well, knows that when even I'm prepared to learn French, the shit's serious.

BTW, Steve IS a complete hottie, but it's rcjohnso who really cranks it up to 11. Git ovah here so I werk on that zippah baybee...


Go on and do your little half-assed "moving to Canada" thing, Matt. I understand, some of us can only go halfway.

But as for the REAL seething Bush haters out here on the west siiiiiide, let me go on record saying that you're all a bunch of freakin MODERATES, man. If that baby-eating grandmother-raping Satanic racist foul smelling pregnant woman punching flower hating Nazi Bush wins, I will REALLY get out of this totalitarian god-forsaken immoral sty of an unredeemable cesspool of a militant dictatorship-run country by pouring gasoline over my filthy media-saturated villainous American head and lighting a match. So vote. PLEASE, vote.

(And as for the hot-o-meter, YOU, my friend, have been known to hit 12. Stand back.)

Matt Ambrose

You SO called my bluff. Alright. I'll give up the snowy north, rcjohnso, if it means I can burn with you. A nice slow burn. ...growl.

This shit's too torrid for TV, Jane.

Erin Lady Byrne

I'll be the judge of this hot-o-meter contest. Now, who is this rcjohnso character?

Matt Ambrose

What is this, The Judgement of Paris? Don't start another Trojan War, ELB.

rcjohnso is a man (and a Trojan) who drinks his scotch straight. Now if only he would wear a leather skirt.


People, people, come now Canada isn't so bad. You only need French if you're going to live in Quebec or want a federal goverment job.

A large part of our older artistic community is made up of Vietnam draft dodgers, you folk would just be continuing a tradition.

Now, I'm not much of a judge of male beauty but that there Steve there is a fine lookin' specimen so if RC and Matt are even hotter then Canada would welcome you with open, er, arms! Hmmm, on second thought I don't need the competition, you'd better stay home and try and subvert Dubbya's empire from within.

Jane Herself

Yo, yo, yo, people. It's Las Vegas Jane, checking in to check the latest fracas. Let me weigh in to tell all y'all that Steve and Mr. Johnso are in a dead heat, and I do mean HEAT, baby. But RC, you need to quit with the playa-hatin', bra. Bush eats babies. GET WITH IT!


I don't think the question is whether I'm hatin', Jane. I think the REAL question is... are YOU hating enough? Does every cell in your body reek of malice towards the unwashed Fox News-watching masses? Is your heart black enough? Is your rhetoric extreme enough? It isn't enough to call Bush Hitler, missy. My Fox News-watching Christian Coalition GRANDMOTHER calls Bush Hitler. Will you step up and call Bush the most evil form of Fox News-watching life ever to draw breath on this planet?!?!

Is ALL reason and rationality pushed out of your system in a rush of adreneline-stoked anger and hatred? Cause if not, you're on the Fox News-watching fence. And if you're on the fence, you're just another jelly brained Fox News watching American Fox News-watching scumbag (who incidentally I would have to HATE.)

Just think about it, Jane. That's all I'm asking. Turn off Fox News and give it some real hateful thought. Then join us. I'll be waiting.


Jane Herself

Mr. Johnso, I get that you are presenting the ironic counterpoint to my Bush-hatin' attitude, and lord knows, I have NO LOVE for that smirking chimpanzee who has no mother tongue; but I can't help but point out that your devil's advocacy doesn't pack much punch on the reason and rationality scale, either. Plus, I don't recall mentioning Hitler even one time.

Now, if you want to hoover up Fox News all day long and vote for a retard, HAVE AT IT, CHAMP; you're still hott.


I work in retail, my hatred for humanity is stoked on a daily basis and yet I can't keep it up for Bush. I mean, er, you know...anyway, I kinda feel sorry for the knob. It must be hell to be so in over your head that you're prayin' for the end times, as I'm sure he's doing.

So glad there's a cadre of venom spewing, Bush rattling, diatribe ranting hotties to take up the slack.


My total lack of irony (and these ass-less leather pants) are the source of my hotness, CJ. And I assure you, the W's not getting my vote.

Now excuse me while I shake my air-cooled cheeks like a madman.


Coelecanth: Actually, knowing French gets you extra points on the immigration sweepstakes, and they've got their own special test for it (including pronunciation, damn their eyes... make that "damn their eyes, eh, feckin' Mo'real"). It's not just a question of ordering poutine.

CJ: It was, indeed, the bicycular bloviations that brought me to your delightful doorstep in the first place.

MA: Muggeridge. Feh.

The rest of you love-festers: Get a room, ya pimps!

Jane Herself

Don't start shakin' it until I get over there with my camera, Mr. Johnso. That's precisely the kind of action I would HATE to miss, and I mean that without a single shred of irony.

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