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Matt Ambrose

You're going to have to get yourself to a WiFi hotspot or Internet(s) cafe in Prague on November 2!

Cuz, you know, all the election updates will be on the Internets...

I can't stop saying Internets since the last debate.

Crazy Jane

I know. I'm probably going to crack in Prague. I actually have to go to CLASS that day. ARGH! Matt, did you read that Dred Scott shit?

Plus, people, I updated this post with a link to a place where you can actually hear a big part of Kerry's 1971 testimony, and it is fucking awesome.

Matt Ambrose

Yeah, that Dred Scott shit is scary! I couldn't believe in the second debate that Bush had the nerve to respond to Kerry's complex and well-considered position on abortion with an off-hand, "Let me try and decipher that..." Meanwhile, he's talking in code to his peeps.

What a fucking dicksnort.

Matt, again

OMFG! You must go instantly to the second to the latest post on Go Fug Yourself, entitled "Her Fug Prerogative."

Jane Herself

Oh yeah. I saw "Her Fug Prerogative." That shit is whack.

Dudes, on my continued obssession with the election tip: don't forget to watch tonight's Frontline Documentary on PBS, "The Choice 2004":

"The fifth installment in FRONTLINE's continuing election series pairs filmmaker Martin Smith and correspondent Nicholas Lemann, who go beyond sound bites and political rhetoric to explore how the candidates and their values have been shaped by family background, history, victory, and defeat. By eschewing political pundits in favor of insightful comments from friends, families, colleagues, political adversaries and top journalists who have incisively reported on the candidates, "The Choice 2004" offers viewers -- and voters -- a chance to see the candidates in a fresh light before the campaign reaches its climax on Election Day."

Should be a good one...

Jane Herself

I know it's old news, but ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Someone told me about this the other day, and I said it couldn't possibly be true... THIS IS AMERICA. I guess I was wrong.

Here, too.

Tara H.


Jane Herself

I love The Onion.


You folks do know that there *are* other elections going on? Why, right here at home we're having a civic election next week. [cue the trumpets]

Somehow I just can't seem to get worked up over who my representive for the Catholic school board is. Might have something to do with the fate of the world's political landscape hanging in the balance down your way. Politics here are just so tepid.

I'd give a fair chunk of my anatomy to feel as excited about a politcian as you do. Enjoy it while it lasts, politicos have a way of disappointing once they're elected. [note the inherent optimism of that last sentence]

Matt Ambrose

Speaking of The Onion, I quite liked this story.

crippled guy

I'm voting for Kerry so I can walk again and global warming will be reversed!

Jane Herself

Whatever gets it done, my crippled, over-heated friend.

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