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Sorry - I'm a little confused as to how this relates to the election?

Jane Herself

Obviously the fact that I finally buckled down and had this tooth pulled out, a tooth that was KILLING ME at Christmastime, and which, for the past 10 months I have been avoiding dealing with, OBVIOUSLY, that means you are about to lose 5$, my dear friend. In the same way that I have dealt with my poisonous wisdom tooth, the American People will deal with GW. Oh yes.

Matt Ambrose

It'll take a lot of elbow grease and a shot of anesthetic directly into the brains of half the country (so they miss going to the polls) to extract that motherfucker from the White House.

Mark Russell

Having lived (and had dental work done) in Europe, and having talked to many colleagues who grew up in eastern Europe as well, I can tell you that the idea of pain management is seriously different here. From a European perspective, we are totally coddled. If pain is your issue, then you REALLY want to have the work done here.


Oh man, I can feel your pain, literaly. I spent most of my youth in a dentist's chair. The crowning moment of orthodentic glory came when I left home. I was about to change cities and go off my mother's dental plan. I put it off as long as I could which turned out to be a mistake. I needed three cavities filled and left it so long they had to do them all at once. Because of the possibility of swallowing my tounge they only blocked the nerve on one side and did an infiltration on the other. I think infiltration is more often spelled p,l,a,c,e,b,o. To make a perfect day even better they did the nerve block on the wrong side. I had two cavities filled with what amounted to no anesthetic. I would have renounced my Canadian citizenship, emigrated and voted Republican to get them to stop. Really.

From an outsider's perspective it seems like Kerry's going to win, despite what the polls say. But then, I was dropped on my head a lot as a kid. It made me not only beautiful but unreasonable optimistic about politics.

Jane Herself

Matty: I think those voters have already been anesthetized. If only they could feel my pain at the very possibility of another nucular State of the Union address. Also, there are those serious matters... but I'll stop myself before the ranting begins.

Mark: Yeah, that's what I'm told. Personally, the more I can avoid any kind of dental engagement in a foreign language and a place where I'm not certain that the standards in painlessness are up to my pansy American snuff, the better. Also, I hope you're well!

Coelecanth: Yes! Kerry is looking good. It's the second day he's been ahead in terms of the Electoral College in Slate's Election Scorecard. Oh man, how I love that rueful picture of GW with the black eye! I hope they're right! Still, things are sure to get uglier and uglier between now and November 2nd, and I've just read an extremely disturbing article in the Atlantic Monthly about Karl Rove's tactics when the chips are down... On the downside, when Kerry is elected, I hope someone gets him to stop saying "idear," because I HATE THAT.

Charlie Melk

Holy Crap(!), I'm out of it! You're in Prague. I should check in more often. Did you e-mail Rachel? She never mentioned whether you wrote or not. I agree with Locutus--humor is the key to education. I'd also add that, at least in the States, it's also important to vote against Chimp Boy Stutter F**k. Have fun in Prague, good luck, and drop a line when you have some time.

Patsy Dupre

Dental pliers are wicked, you're right about that. That is why I prefer sedation dentistry every time I have a dental operation. I won't remember a thing and I won't see the dreaded pliers.

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