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Matt Ambrose

Jane, you better get in your absentee ballot if you're going to be away in November! I'm counting on you. Make sure your sister votes for the right candidate as well. Your father's vote must be cancelled out.

Jane Herself

Oh, don't you worry. I am ALL OVER IT.


I was planning on seeing the movie anyway, but this clinches it. Before you hie yourself off to Czechovia, where is good to eat near the Arclight? Every time we (ad)venture into town, we end up eating somewhere mediocre. We haven't got the hang of this SoCal life yet.

Jane Herself

What do you like? There's a phat load of possibilities. That's my hood, man! Where are you adventuring from?


I don't like Chinese (after a year in China, where I acquired tapeworms and a bunch of other intestinal parasites), and the spousal equivalent doesn't like hothot spices. We're coming from the far eastern edge of LA County -- the San Boringdino county line is less than a mile from our sty.

The reason I ask is that 1) there are always cool-looking films at the Arclight, and 2) we have the worst luck in the city, even though we try to go in every weekend to explore. The only thing that keeps us from getting despondent is that our time in San Fran started the same way -- lots of looking for parking, lots of so-so meals -- and we ended up OWNING that city.

But I should write about this on my own blog, I guess, rather than burdening yours with strange ramblings by a stranger.


Crazy Baybee,
May I recommend any restaurant on the little Los Feliz area Vermont (st, ave bl?) strip between Hollywood Blvd and Franklin. From the cheap yet tastee eats at Fred62 to vermont (all lowercase pretensiveness, expensive yet sublime)and the cafs in between. Free side-street parking if you read the signs carefully.
Tosh, just a start

Jane Herself

Meg: Tosh is right - that is a good place. Vermont, between Franklin and Hollywood has a little French Boulagerie, which is very pleasant, especially for weekend brunch, the Hollywood Hills Cafe, fred62 - the hippest diner on planet earth, a good Indian place called Electric Lotus, Palermo's for Pizza and Italian, and the House of Pies - greasy spoon deluxe.

Also good is the Franklin Village area, which is closer to the Arclight - it's the stretch of Franklin between Bronson and Gower. There's a coffee house - The Bourgeois Pig - with expensive coffee, but inexpensive and delicious sandwishes and salads, neighborhood hotspot Bird's, which serves roasted chicken and has a packed bar every night, scrumptious Italian from Prizzi's, a Sushi place, La Poubelle - a french place and happening bar, and just around the corner, an excellent deli called Victor's, which is owned by a member of the Gotti family, and serves the best chicken soup in the entire city of Los Angeles. A little up the street to the west, just before the entrance to the 101, there's the Hollywood Best Western, which has a very hip and very good diner on the ground floor called the 101 Cafe.

That's my hood!

PS. Strange ramblings by a stranger welcome here, by all means!


First, way to go on the master plan! And hey, car-free living as a bonus? Whoo, hoo indeed!

Second. Thanks for voting for Kerry. Being a foreigner, it's very hard to watch the elections in the States. The outcome will affect the whole world and all I can do is sit on my hands and hope. It's like watching an out of control car speeding down hill: "Please God, please let it make the corner..."

Third, damn you for all the food talk. I spent the weekend mountain biking and am still in caloric debt. So. Very. HUNGRY.


Wow - you just made me want to visit LA, CJ. I think all those Prague tour books you've been reading have been paying off!


Thanks to you both for the recs -- I've pasted them into my Palm Pilot. And I see a trip to the Arclight happening this weekend or next.

BTW, CJ, good on ya for laying your plans and getting on with things. Mmmm, cold weather...

Jane Herself

Coelecanth: JOHN KERRY OR BUST! Now, get something to eat.

Mr. Johnso: Oh please.

Meg: My pleasure! One of these times we should have a cuppa coffee together when you storm this town. Thanks for the good on me... I'm really excited.

Tosh: Would you do me a favor and kick some ass for Madame Lemon? Because really, WTF?!

Tara H.

CJ, you could start writing those tour books with one about LA. Why not?

Jane Herself

Two words, Tara: Bor-ing!


Tosh: Would you do me a favor and kick some ass for Madame Lemon? Because really, WTF?!

Crazee Baybee,
Cruelty and revenge are never things that occur quickly if you want to appreciate the suffering of the arrogant. Crimeny, even the French developed La Guillotine for expediency sake and not the juicy protraction of the suffering of the stupid. A personal attack on a friend requires, sometimes, years of patience for the appropriate opportunity to deny a child a kidney, not assist in the burial of a relative, give the good requested letter of recommendation while making the real phone call, buying a "friends" property at a court ordered auction, etc.
Tosh, patience, patience, patience.

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