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Don't ever just practice love. Keep score, baby. Keep score.

I'm going to put it here on record so that come November you can say 'wow, that guy really had it pegged':

Barring a total collapse of the US economy or a plague of sore-infested frogs, Bush is going to win the election.

Anyone else getting that feeling? (If not, anyone want to lay a little money on it?)

Jane Herself

I hope this post will remind us of nothing more than the incredible hubris of your know-it-all-itude, Bitch.

(Oh please, Jesus.)

Meanwhile, that new photo on your website is so cool I almost passed out. Dude, your relatives are hotties!


Money where your mouth is, big talker. I'm in for FIVE DOLLARINOS. That's right. Five big ones. And I'll even handicap the race by NOT VOTING FOR HIM. You want this action?

(And aren't they though? I feel totally comfortable calling them hotties, which is more an indication of their objective state of hotness than any gender-based confidence on my part.)

Jane Herself

You're on. Plus, I'll throw in leaving the country if you and your boyfriend win.

(Oh man, are they ever!)

Matt Ambrose

I guess rcjohnso must have a thing for big dumb bubbas. I'm afraid he's right, though. We're doomed to another four wars. What's next? The Republicans are so nostalgic for Cold War missle screens 'n' shit, I wouldn't be surprised by an invasion of Russia! Lucky for Russia, they've got Karl Urban to protect them. Did anyone else see Bourne Supremacy? Jeez, Jane, you sould do a review of that non-stop babe alert.

Jane Herself

The only comment I have regarding The Bourne Supremacy is that it needed WAY MORE Karl Urban, and when I say "more," I mean "of his hot, naked rig." Girlfriend, he was killing me in that bit when he was in that night club with his sleazy, eastern bloc hookers, no doubt hoovering up the blow bigstyle, looking all dazed and spent from the travails of his bender; but couldn't they have gone with a hotel room, no clothes, and him slapin' his bitches up, or some shit, when the boss came to call? Another thing: when he rolled, he rolled pimp, am I right? All I'm saying is, that cat is smokin', and that movie needed more rutting, "more" Urban, and way, way less of Matt Damon making a vague attempt to emote.

(Was that rude enough for you, Bitch?)


PS. Your Brand New Blog blows. Especially your dumb ass (AWESOME) movie.

Matt Ambrose

That was about as rude as my setup was ham-handed!

Tara H.

Have fun in San Francisco!!!!!!! I'm looking forward to seeing the pics.


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