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It's times like these that you gotta ask WWTCD? (What Would The Cannible Do?)

Given a goal Merckx would throw himself headfirst into it and leave everything on the road. Failure was aways a possibility, indeed even he didn't win every race, but giving less than 100% wasn't. Hell, I don't even believe he was never afraid, despite the evidence he's human, just that he used it to motivate.

Go for what you really want, give it everything. Even if you fail you'll be happier and set a great example for your little one.

Besides, from the comments around here I see you've got the right sort of people in your life. If things don't work out they'll pick you gently up, dust you tenderly off and give you the most brutal kick in ass to stop you feeling sorry for yourself. Can't ask for more than that.

Matt Ambrose

Here, here, Coelecanth! Jane, what's the worst that can happen? Perhaps you might find yourself in Denmark with no job and no money? So what? You know I would send you the cash in a flash to get you back. You and the monkey could always come live with me. And I mean that seriously. You and the monkey homeless?


Love and most deeply felt affection from,
your Matt

Matt Ambrose

Oh... but don't think I'm mollifying you, bitch.

Jane Herself

Coelecanth: I'm not too sure about modeling myself after the Cannibal, frankly, because the worst that could happen to him is that he'd lose, or maybe crash or some shit; meanwhile, the stakes in child-rearing are a little bit higher. But, you are right about my peeps. They rule. And, your point is a good one: leave it all on the road. Noted.

Matty: I know you'd be there to back me up. Get prepared for us to move in within a couple of months. I hope your ball and chain is on board. See you soon.


Hike up your skirts and get going! I'm a settled person now, but I spent the 15 years after high school moving to foreign countries and finding jobs, usually when I was down to $20. What I learned from of it (besides a bunch of ways to say "Skal!") was that it's a much less undertaking than everyone back home imagines. You won't starve; you will find a job; you will not be a bad monkey-keeper. You go, girl.

Jane Herself

Well, I'm not sure I can hack the getting down to $20 thing, and I do need to put my boy in school; but if I can work the bare minimum of reasonable upkeep, I will go. Nothing can stop me. Especially if there's some chance I can live in a place where people are routinely named things like "Gunnar," "Einar," or "Aksel."

If I can make it work, I think it will make me a good monkey keeper, even... but I hope it works!

Thanks for reading, and for your comments, Meg!



When you look back at the broken dreams and the unrealized expectations sprinkled with bouts of poverty and depression you have nothing to do but give Precious Monkey enough unique life experiences to write about you years after you have been devoured by wild dogs. You will be nostalgic fodder for the Precious Monkey machine. You shall be immortalized as his grotesque muse. Don't worry, be happy.
Tosho, June gloom, July gloom, August gloom, September gloom...


And Crazy Baybee, I absolutely LOVE the B&W close up of you on the Blog. It is sooo Joan Crawford. The steely eyed determination softened by a wisp of heartfelt emotion topped off by the been-there-done-it sexy cheek scar. It gets me all, well... it gets me.
Tosh, oh kitty, get the whip.

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