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It's a fix.

Cycling is chess played with knives. Cycling is a sport that has losers before the first rotation of a wheel. If the mind isn't right - the body has no where to go but south...and it hides there, afraid of it's own potential.

Belief in yourself is the first step. Rugged, honest, filthy determination is the only way. There is no substitute, and without it - you pedal one-legged.

It must burn white-hot in you, like a bellowed forge. With every deep, pure breath you blow coals that rage with heat and purpose. There is no substitute.

The French call it 'morale' - just like them to make it romantic and have it lose its cut. No, it is more than morale, it is...aggression of the spirit.

And when you lose it...junkies know what I mean. You'll do anything to get it back.

indulged by your site. thanks.


Pedal power hurts.
In the body, in the soul
Love will have it's way.

Jane: Consider the fray joined, with a Bike-ku no less. A bit of cheek that, I'm no Brendan Kennelly.

I'm not sure I'm up to the trash talk around here, us Canadian's being so frickin' polite and all, but I'll try and keep up.

Jane Herself

Coelecanth: Bike-ku is always welcome here! The trash talkin' is all in fun; there's no need to keep up.

Michael: I'm not entirely sure what you mean when you say you've been "indulged" by my site, but no, thank you!

Oh my god, people. This is some serious-ass bike talk around here. Sweet Jesus, you could cut the angst with a knife! The Hollywood contingent is SILENT.

Matt Ambrose


Nick C.

No mollification from me....

Jane Herself

Nick C.: I don't get it.

Matt: fer-shizzle.

Tyler: Fight on!

Nick C.

A second and hopefully more coherent attempt
at communication with C.J.

to see a few images from Richard W.'s latest
Icelandic road trip.

Jane Herself

Oooh! I love the sod covered studio, and the musical instrument made with tuned stones! That is gorgeous and romantic. Love it, love it, love it!!

Jane Herself

Seriously: that is pretty much the dreamiest thing I have ever seen, especially in a town with only three houses and a church. I will marry the man in the sweater, no questions asked, if he built, or is composing music on that gorgeous instrument.

Thanks for that post, Nick.

Nick C.

I am told he was performing J.S. Bach, however this is anything but typical, given the context.

Richard W.'s car was broken down and he had to walk a few miles to arrive at that location for help. This is how he was received by the Icelandic locals.

Thanks for looking.

Charlie Melk


Been a while, and I hope you're doing well. I like this poem. Tyler and Brendan could probably have quite a conversation right about now.

I've been thinking about poetry and truth a lot lately. It brought me back to 4 Quartets--especially East Coker. Good stuff.

It's all a big circle, right?

How's Philly looking?

Good Times~Charlie

Jane Herself


I have to tell you that Four Quartets is actually my favorite work of literature ever, (though my most dearly beloved part is "The Dry Salvages") and poetry and truth are the very best things to be thinking about.

This business with Tyler is tough. I find it difficult to condemn a man I know to be so good, really. I hope he finds his way through it all, and wish him the best. At the same time, this is all part of a picture that really interests me, and I don't think it would be the same without the dark side. I just wish it didn't have to be dear old Tyler!

Philly, meanwhile, is impossible. I could probably push forward and into that position, but it's pretty clear to me that I probably don't really want to. Something about mixing torture in with the things you love, and the principle of optimal distance, if you get what I'm trying to lay down without coming right out and saying it.

I hope we'll chat soon. Thanks for your message!


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