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Erin Lady Byrne

Oh, I think I love you! But not more than I love Gore Vidal.


Puleese, just kill yourself, now. On second thought, when you look back and read this anew, that will be tourture enough.
(What the hell is a perfectly IMmodest nail supposed to look like, anyhoo?)
Do you allow Jews to post here?
Toshenstein in Hollywood


Dear Mr. Gable,
I am writing this to you
and I hope that you will read it so you'll know
My heart beats like a hammer
and I stutter and I stammer
every time I see you at the picture show.
I guess I'm just another fan of yours
and I thought I'd write and tell you so.

You made me love you
I didn't wanna do it, I didn't wanna do it.
Been there did that.
Tosh of the Town

Jane Herself

Tosh: Ooooh, Bitchy. FYI, I saw a perfectly immodest nail once - it was on Courtney Love that time when she attended the Kindergarten parent meeting in my son and her daughter's class. She looked like death warmed over and whorishly painted in a candy pink cardigan and long, flawless, blood red nails, her hot Nazi then-boyfriend mutely in tow.

ELB: God knows I love you, too.

Matt Ambrose

Gregory Peck rules! No character he ever played communicated his fatherly virtue better than his Sam Bowden in the original Cape Fear.

Happy Friday, Jane! xoxo

Jane Herself

Matt, I'm sick to f*cking death of how you live 3000 miles away, just FYI; but happy Friday to you, too... although, you know, I barely notice Friday anymore, since I'm UNEMPLOYED.

BTW, How much did you love the latest constipation post on Dooce?


Matt Ambrose

Oh my god, the latest constipation post was genius. I know all about that shit, literally. She's right, it's impossible to travel and poop at the same time. I love how she always calls it poop.

I may live 3000 miles away, but you have little cause for complaint, Bitch-Who-Will-Move-To-Denmark-Soon. At least we'll be sort of on the same ocean, right?

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