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Matt Ambrose

Oh my god, I LOVE going to the dentist! It's like getting a manicure. In fact, I've always thought it was a huge hole in the market that dentists and beauty scientists didn't join forces. Getting a mani/pedi/botox while having one's teeth cleaned/filled would be positively orgasmic.

Yeah baby... yeah!

That Vince Gallo shit rules. Incidentally, any velvet paintings of Elvis also follow you with their eyes. Some creepy shit, that.

Jane Herself

You are a pervy bastard.


But, more importantly, holy shit, people, am I some crazy, overwrought bitch, or what?
Lord, how I love the obvious. This is your essence sweetie, dahling. Embrace it. It makes you, you.

Crazee Baybee, if you weren't you'd be duller than Finland without electricity.
Ho, hum.

The Tosh of the Town


Ladies and gentlemen... MARGARET CHO!!!!!!!!!


Hi Matt - was just clued into your secret identity :-)

Jane Herself

Tosh: Finland without electricity sounds THRILLING!

Rian: I'm not getting the Magaret Cho thing. I've never seen her schtick... Anyone? Anyone?

Matt Ambrose

Hey rcjohnso, I'm lovin' the new pic on your website.

Jane, I think you would love Margaret Cho. She always makes squnity eyes when impersonating her Korean mother. She's a totally coked out fag hag, which I know is also your goal in life. She could be your role model, 'n' shit.

Jane Herself

Yeah, I see what you're saying there, Matt, because there's nothing I aspire to more than being a coked out fag hag. Oh, and by the way, thanks a lot, Rian.


Thanks Matt :)

And I never accused you of being coked out, CJ. Jeesh.

Margaret Cho's entire act can pretty much be summed up by saying this phrase in a valley girl-ish accent:

"So I'm, like, Asian, and I was blowing this guy..."


Hi CJ. Just wanted to say hi.
That's pretty much it.

Jane Herself

So, here's my question: what exactly constitutes the state of fag-haggery? I mean, do you actually have to want to HAVE SEX with your gay friends to be a fag hag, or prefer the company of queeny homos to that of regular, fashion challenged staight guys; or what?

Can any of my readers offer an expert opinion here?

Rian: Yeah, whatever.

Nathan: Hi! (...and thanks for thinking of me!)

Tara  H.

I looked it up in the dictionary and found that a fag hag is a "woman who likes to spend time with homosexual men". That didn't sound right, so I looked it up in another dictionary which defines a fag hag as "a woman who PREFERS the company of gay men; the female best friend of a gay man (sometimes considered pejorative)".

A 70's slang dictionary defined a fag hag as a "David Bowie fan. Or any female who is attracted to homosextual males".

And FYI... a hag fag is "the male who hangs around with his fag-hag. Fag-hags and hag-fags have special bonds, like fancying same blokes".

For more info on the subject, read "Fag Hags- A Social Analysis": http://www.angelfire.com/ny2/Aternyde2/faghags.html

Emmy Summers

Oh no! It's not good for you in the long run. Having a fear of dentists can result in a lot of damage for your teeth and even in your entire health. I remember a friend who was like you. I encouraged her to go and let her teeth checked. Now she sees the dentist twice a year. So what about that? I hope you can be like her too! Cheers! :)

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