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Is my head really that red?

Jane Herself

Apparently so, my big red-headed friend.

Tara H.

CJ, I looooooove these photos! Also, nice mirror photo ;-)

Matt Ambrose

And check out the meaty, hirsute forearms! ... growl ... I wouldn't worry about your ruddy complexion, rcjohnso. Just more evidence of your rude health and (pro)creative potency.

Jane Herself

Coffee shot out of my nose, Matt. Seriously. In some kind of bizarre lapse of my smart-assed attitude, I wasn't bold enough to mention Mr. Johnso's hirsute... er, I mean sexy forearms, but thanks for taking up the slack on that.

Matt Ambrose

No problem. I do what I can to let the menfolk know they are loved.

Nick C.

Maybe this is something for you to look forward to [ if you are still living in Los Angeles in December]:

or just navigate on over to:
and put "Bill Viola" in as the search term in the La Phil search engine.

I wish I was there for these December performances....


Jane Herself

Sweet Jesus. I refuse to miss that. That big hottie Esa Pekka Salonen, the Walt Disney Concert Hall AND Bill Viola?? I am IN.

Matt, I think you should make your December travel plans with this in mind.

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