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Look at that Zebra go! He's a zebra!! A ZEBRA!!!! He shouldn't be in a horse race!!!! hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!! Whoa boy, that's crazy. Whew.


Crazy Baybee,
Bosh and piffle to mediocrity-phobes. Einstein must have discarded dozens of theories before he landed on Quantum theory. Edison hit gold with maybe one out of a hundred inventions. Even the Belle of Amherst died with four poems published and hundreds crammed into her night stand. The point is to do what you love to do. Be so lucky that someone as intellectually niche as you would read your and pronounce you mediocre. It gives the people that think you are a genius something to counterpoint. Foutre!


Hi CJ,

Am I reading correctly thru the lines here that you are looking at a certain cycling promoter near me for employment?? That would totally rock. Although we would not know what hit us here on this coast, but we seriously need the wake-up call. Your presence here would stir things up more than Frances. Hurricane Jane is on her way!!??
Unemployment totally sucks so all the best in your search for a job. Let me know if I can help out.

Nick C.

Dear C.J.,

Don't forget about Iceland. Here is a link to the latest photos from Richard W. and his new Noblex panoramic camera:

Hang in there, I have had and am still having job troubles, so I know how rough a person's moods can become.

Try to remember that when you are working, there is not always time to make strategic plans. Now you have the time. Try to make the best use of it.

Also, I have been reading your blog for quite some time. So for what it's worth, you *are* a good writer!


Jane Herself

Rian: I can always count on you.

Tosho: Pshaw! I am no Einstein or Edison.

Walt: You read between the lines very well... we shall see. If it should come to pass, I would be SO DELIGHTED by my increased opportunities to hang with the Prince of Pennsylvania!

Nick: All I do here is PRATTLE ON. I am nothing if not a world class prattler on. Please! No more mollification! I can't forget Iceland any more than I can move there without work, which by all accounts is nearly impossible to find. One must be realistic.

Matt Ambrose

Jane! I'll not mollify you. It's time we all faced facts. You are an evil, simpering, and deeply stupid person. You prove as much daily by the inane books you read, your completely uninspired music selections, and your obvious lack of regard for your monkey, your dog, your ex-husband, and all of your friends.

I mean, crispy Christ on a cracker, somebody get me a friggin rope already...

Matt Ambrose

... but you should still move to Philly.

Jane Herself

Philly has it's charms, but I am really starting to think DENMARK is the answer. I mean, GW Bush is about to be re-elected president according to that RC "harbinger of doom" Johnson. It may be time for an emergency exit.

But, thank you for not sparing the rod... or the rope.

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