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Crazy Baybee,
I sympathize with you but bad things like ECT and aversion therapy work. Just like in A Clockwork Orange, relax, submit and the pain will go away.
Ya crazy ludie and your droogs.

Matt Ambrose

So let's parse out this photo, shall we? Da Brod is in a suit, so clearly he's got cash. But his big, honkin' pussy wagon is parked on a pile of hay, indicating his simple, good ol' boy, down home-itude. The pinky ring is just a slight touch of gender fuck - a nod to his status as an actor. And we all know actors are queer. It looks like Mr. Grody is living the American dream, folks. Tall, rich, an actor, anti-intellectual, and egregiously consumptive (not in the good way).

Maybe rcjohnso can do a cover of "Livin' in America" to accompany this photo - pungent cultural artifact that it is.

Matt Ambrose

Oh yeah... he doesn't DO limos because that would be putting on airs.

Jane Herself

Matt, it's da Grode, now; and don't forget the spinners. Those let us know that, despite the virtually translucent whiteness of his powdered skin, he's totally street. He's got cred, beotch. This mack-daddy ride helps him fit in with his homeboyz, yo.

Jane Herself

Consumptive in the good way hit me a bit later. Yes, if only he were consumptive in the 18th century novel way! Then he would certainly be more sympathetic, and his foppery would be more at home, too. Sure, he would also be grodily coughing up blood onto his monogramed handkerchief, 'n' shiznit, but definitely more sympathetic.

Matt, I'm just gonna say it: I love you.

Matt Ambrose

Awwwwww... (blush)

You know you mah nigga

lady l'ectric

Priceless commentary on "da Brode".


Generally speaking, this aspect of my blog brings the hatemail hardcore, Lady, so I sincerely thank you for your thoughts.


"Yo, Adrien? You should sue your publicist for malpractice, dog." And he would win. Seriously, how can his publicist or agent let him do stuff like this? I don't know whether to laugh or cry when I look at this picture. Does his publicist know that what makes Brody so unique is his acting skills combined with elegance, finesse and sensitivity he showed around the Oscars 2003? It's not his Hummer and the pimp attire he's so fond of. No other actor of his generation can wear a suit or kiss a woman the way Brody does. He looks like a freaking Rudolph Valentino and WE LOVE IT! We want the romance and mystery and the vulnerability we know he has. Forgive the dramatic tone, but someone should SLAP his publicist for this if Adrien is too much of a tool to understand what makes him special. Right now, it looks like Adrien is on a mission to destroy his image and any love some of us ever had for this wonderful actor. So good to find you, Jane. I agree with everything you said about da brode, including the moppet hairdo, trucker hats, pinkie rings and pretentious lifestyle (I hear he lives in Vegas now). Will he ever come to his senses and make us swoon again?

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