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Jeez, enough Adrien Brody posts already.

Jane Herself

Oh man, don't EVEN! This is the REAL Olympics! Not the one for DLB's.

J. Nathan Matias

And what a win too -- a break for the last few laps? Wow. Axel made a good go of it though.

I'm holding out for the time trial though.

I remember being in Trexlertown in September, 2001. Bobby Jullich was selling his old equipment and donating the proceeds to the red cross.

Go Bobby!

Jane Herself

It was a very impressive victory, especially considering that he was such a hot favorite. That always impresses me when someone who is expected to win actually pulls it off despite being the most marked man in the pack...

I can't wait for the ITT. I'm pulling for Jan!


Crayzee Baybee,
I like my Olympians wet, Baybee, wet!
My vote for sexiest Olympian:



Jane Herself

That particular selection is a bit too "meat" for me, Tosho; but all in all, I'm not complaining a bit about the men's swimming...

Matt Ambrose

Too "meat" did you say, Jane? No such thing. While I like the swimmers, my vote for sexiest Olympians go to the gooch-eyed Hamón twins. Get a load of the armpit hair on those guys.


Jane Herself

Dearest Matt,

Those Hamms were pretty impressive, although I failed to note their armpit hair. I did say "too meat" but I must admit that it was a bit fey of me, since my personal choice for sexiest Olympian is that great slab of clean-shaven muscle from down under... yes, you know it... THE THORPEDO!

I just grossed myself out.


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