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Matt Ambrose

Yeah, I've been on your toilet, Jane, and that shiznit had some stank funk... Glad to see the King of Corona came to the rescue! Don't let that dissuade you from moving to Philly, however. I need you more.

Props on your latest "Grooving" selections! Isn't it amazing how much room there is in an unemployed person's budget for the latest post-rock, neo-folk, indie obscurities?

I miss Amoeba.

Jane Herself

Oh, don't think I don't remember your many trips to my toilet, my dear friend.

I hesitate to admit this, Matt, but it's called Aquisition, and burning CD's to my computer that Zak just bought. (Although, where Neutral Milk Hotel is concerned, I did order the CD on a languishing Amazon gift certificate, because it's THE BEST, and I simply had to possess THE OBJECT.)

Having said all that, there's NO ROOM in the budget, believe you me.


wow, how nice to hear someone talk so positively about an ex.

there's a lot of love in that bathroom.

Tara H.

Oh, happy toilet! Oh, happy world!

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