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Kind of off topic, but did anyone see the finale of Friends?

Jane Herself

Not me, but I do know that Rachel and Ross got back together and she didn't go to Paris after all. My sister told me.

Nick C.

Today's photos from Richard W. seem frightfully close to being on-topic, so here is the link:

It seems he is interested in my purchase of a new MAC G5. I am not sure why, considering the amazing equipment list he is working with over there in Iceland.

I wonder: who else but Bjork could justify SONY sending the first 3 new HD recorders off their assembly line, for Richard to work with on the 'secret' production.

Only time will tell, however. The project should be finished in a few months. Once it is released, all the 'making of' photos should start appearing in my e-mail inbox. [ I hope! ].

C.J., I work on a college campus and must say that you are right. It is a nice place to visit and spend time in, compared to the rest of corporate America...


So Rachel and Ross, huh?


This thread, more than any of the many other recent obvious examples, shows that my cousin Rian is full of brilliance and, dare I say (yes!), genius.


I like your blog!
I wish I could have heard Byocks lecture about the Mosfell Archeological Project. I remember hearing about it on the news here in Iceland. Fascinating research.
How come your so "obsessed" with Iceland? Have you spent some time here in Iceland? Do you perhaps speak icelandic?
Ps: I didn't know you could listen to Skonrokk on the internet until I saw the link on your page. The morning radio program, Tvíhöfði (7-10 am.) with Jón Gnarr and Sigurjón Kjartansson is my favorite!

Jane Herself


Thank you for the compliments on my blog! Yours is nice, too, and I especially love the photos. It's a long story about why I so love the frozen north, and am dying to visit Iceland - it's largely the ruggedness and beauty of the landscape, I'd say, that calls me. I love to travel, and Iceland is next on my list.

I don't know if it's ever happened to you that a place has taken on a kind of romance in your imagination, but I love the mountains that seem to grow right out of the grey ocean, the weatherbeaten houses, the lonely farms, the northern lights, the cold... I'd love to know what it feels like to spend the winter in darkness and the summer in constant light. I'm not sure how to tell you why, exactly.

Other than that, I love the novels of Halldor Laxness - especially Independent People, the Sagas... and I positively adore the music of Sigur Ros and Bjork - they both have a beautiful combination of seriousness and innocence in their work that really strikes me.

Maybe you can tell me more about life in Iceland... I would love it!

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