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Tara H.

Okay, I'm going to be the FIRST to say it this time... nice photos, CJ.

Jane Herself

I'm sorry, Tara, but Rian told me they were nice via the chatter this morning. He's first again!


I don't feel the need to gloat. I really don't.

That was very nice of you, giving CJ her second compliment on those pictures, Tara. Very considerate, and very sweet.

Nick C.

I love the way the digital camera goes into overload with bright light. It looks like the people walking out of the station are walking into the mysteriously luminous hereafter.

beerzie boy

Excellent shots here. My only gripe is the popups take a buttload of time to pop up.

Jane Herself

Thanks, Beerzie.

I don't know how to fix that problem with the slow popups, though I have noticed it. It's a bit erratic, as well - sometimes they come up pronto, and other times it takes an eternity. I would be delighted to hear suggestions from someone more technically profficient than I am, if you are such a person, and have suggestions. I just muddle through, here.

Tara? Any ideas? (<--- she's the expert.)

Tara H.

Try this:

Open the original photos from your camera in Photoshop and size each to the dimensions you want: image>image size. Then save each image out at low enough quality so that each photo is no larger than 70k: file>save for web. Once you're in the "save for web" box, make sure you select jpeg and then adjust the quality setting, so that the file size is no larger than 70k, which should take about 25 seconds to load on a 28.8 modem. (The images you have up right now are about 200 k in size.)

A faster way to do this, of course, would be to record the action and run it as a batch command, so that you can apply the action to all the images in a particular folder at once. The only problem with this, though, is that the file size will vary a bit (80% compression on one file may result in a photo that is 70k or less, but in another, it could end up being too large).

However you do this, be sure to save the photos out to a new folder (otherwise, you will write over the originals). You could also create a web images folder and copy the images there before you begin. This way, you have copies of the originals in a separate location.

There are many ways to reduce the file size. You can also adjust the bit depth, for example. I think, though, that the easiest way is by adjusting the quality setting in the "save for web" box.

Tara H.

P.S. It's best to keep your page to 50k or less if you can. If not, try and make sure the page doesn't take more than 30 seconds to load on a really slow connection (28.8 modem).

Tara H.

P.P.S. I suggested the 70k file size as you may lose too much image quality if you save the files out at 50k. Try lowering the quality setting as far down as you can without screwing up the image. You may be able to size them down to 50k.

Another thing I should mention. When you're dealing with black and white photos, sometimes you can decrease the file size by changing the mode from RGB to Grayscale: image>mode>grayscale. This doesn't always work, though as it probably depends upon the camera you're using... whether it saves a black and white image as RGB, grayscale or as RGB with a lower bit depth, etc.


Tara, will you run my website and marry me?

Tara H.

Oh, I'd be delighted to marry you, Nathan! My cousin is getting married in England in July. We could make it a double wedding. (But, let's not invite Rian to the wedding, okay? I'm afraid he might try and sabotage the whole thing.)

Jane Herself

That's right, Tara, just go ahead and get your claws into the whole Johnson family. FINE.


On the contrary, I'm delighted, and I would never do anything to sabotage this union! I think it's especially touching that Nathan is willing to marry Tara even considering her... condition. And I'm sure the outbreaks are infrequent. And the puss filled boils aren't contagious as long as they remain unbroken and... well, like I said, Nathan is a truly giving person, and if Tara's given him full disclosure I KNOW it must be true love. Congrats, guys!


Hey, um, just to take a little break in the wedding plans, maybe the Technical Wizard Princess can answer me this...
I've gotten an unnerving amount of spam since I used my REAL email address on CJ and Taraville and I was wondering if there is any way you can remove it? I changed it now to a fake email address but I'm guessing it is still probably linked to all the times I've posted in the past.

Tara H.

Your email address only shows up on the page of our sites if you leave out a web site address when submitting a comment. As far as I can see, everytime you've posted so far, your name has linked to a web site (not an email address). I just visited nathanj.com, though, and I noticed that you have your email address listed on it, which could be causing the problem. Posting on our blogs may have made the situation worse since everytime you post, you leave a link to your site, which has a link to your email. You may want to open up a hotmail account and use that address instead.

There are a zillion ways, spammers can get a hold of your email address, by the way....




Thanks tara,
I thought I had forgotten about that link to my email at the bottom of my page.
happy easter

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