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They have trains in LA???!!!???

I can't help you with the Marine but I will ask my kids what the current procedure is.

Jane Herself

Har har har. Very funny, Walt.


I was all set to give some advice about the 'current procedure' of such situations until I realized that I haven't been on a date since a time so long ago that I can't even bring myself to mention it, even though I'm travelling igcognito and under a self-proclaimed (and, come to think of it, rarely adhered-to) psuedo-name.

My suggestion, however, and despite my terribly inexperienced postition on such matters as 'dating' and getting called, is that you don't call him back. I know it's not a very mature suggestion, and I don't even agree with it, but all I have to reference as far as phones go is my inability (it would seem) to call people back. Unless I am drunk, in which case I am often able to leave up to six messages on the phone of the girl I'm calling.
After which, I'm usually prone to sitting down clumsily, lighting a cigarette (even though I probably already have one idling in my Japanese ash tray), and jotting down, in stuttering handwriting, a poem along the lines of:
you left me
all alone
so i overwhelmed
your phone

Chances are that I'm then relatively proud of my wit the next morning (evening) when I awake to a bleary setting sun to find surprising new entries in my notebook.

And I guess that, on looking upon my suggestion for your situation, I am really suggesting that, whatever you decide to do, you should not do what I have just suggested in the past paragraphs, and should do what I am suggesting in this paragraph, which is: don't do what I would do. Please.

Jane Herself

My Dear Mr. Z!

I'm so glad to hear from you, and even more importantly, I loved your poem.

Here's what I've elected to do: call back, and be friendly. He was a sweet boy, and a good kisser, and while it's doubtful there will be an epic romance, I do feel he does deserve a call back.

But back to you, my friend. Are you trying to tell me that a man with your enormous and endlessly demonstrated charms is among the romantically disenfranchised? You CAN'T be serious!

Yours Affectionately,
Ms. C. Jane


Ms. C. Jane

Your decision is a good one, and I'm sure he'll appreciate the call very much.

As for me, I am among the romantically disenfranchised. Thank you, though, for your gracious compliment. My cheeks, you see, are still warm.

Yours Affectionately (and nice one on the friendly call back)
Mr. Z

Tara H.

Mr. Zooey,

You are most charming, I assure you. I for one, am quite fond.

Ms. H


Thank you, Ms. H., and with my cheeks warmer by the moment.
(Yet to give New York its fair due, still freezing my butt off.)

Jane Herself

Mr. Z,

I can only conclude from this that all the girls you meet are insane.

Ladies, all of the good ones AREN'T taken!

Ms. C. Jane

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