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This is an epic photograph of the master of high intensity romantic melodrama. Are you looking for him on the horizon? Are you wishing he would caress you with "Benjamins" while weeping and sticking his tongue down your throat just before he is killed by Mickey Rourke? I think you should go to the concert and throw yourself on stage in a hysterical fit of Passion and attempt to rip his clothes off as well as yours.

Jane Herself

If I were to go to this concert, I would have no choice but to let the rhthym take me over, and do as you suggest, Ms. Sarah, but I think it's pretty unlikely that I'll be doing that unless tickets fall out of the sky and into my hands like so much mana from heaven. Believe me when I tell you that my prayers that they will are as fervent and my tears as hot as Enrique's desire to be your hero, baby; and probably just as destined to be unrequited.

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