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Not telling

i go to SCHS and apperantly they are filming part of this movie here, what exactly is it about? and when will it be out?

Jane Herself

It's about the good stuff, my secretive friend. Oh yeah.


ok.. is it going to be in theaters or anything? whens it comming out?


Great pictures Jane. But where is Shaft? How could you not have pictures of that Great American Icon???

In other matters.... only a matter of hours to go....

Jane Herself

Mr. Secret Identity: There's generally a span between finishing photography and the film "coming out." Rian promises not to sleep until it's edited, so that's something...

Walt: Shaft, like Ms. de Ravin was not on hand for that day... too bad. In other matters, I am SO ready to rumble on that!

ms. secret identity

is it going to be in theaters? and when are they going to be done filming? is it all over sc or just at schs?

Jane Herself

Ms. Secret Identity, here are your answers:
1. Hopefully. My prediction: YES.
2. They are done filming.
3. All over SC.

ms secret identity

what do you think the moie is going to be rated?

Jane Herself

PG-13, maybe? I saw some great scenes today... MAN is it ever going to be good!


i was an extra in this movie and i look like its going to be really good cant wait till it comes out


Dude, this movie is gonna be sweet! I was an extra in it, cause they filmed at SCHS. Check out the trailer. Its pretty sick.



hahahhahahahhhahaha Eddie...that touched my heart.


Actually from what I saw, it seems like it could be rated R. But what the hell. I just cant wait till it comes out.

Jane Herself

oh boy.


wow, the trailer looks excellent. I was an extra for this, but i had no idea how professional the shots would look in the trailer. It was so exciting to see my school in the background! When the editing is finished, will there be any screening for the final edit that the extras can attend? Im very excited to see final product!!!


hey, just wanted to know if that song was composed for the trailer, or if not, what is the song called?

Jane Herself

Alex: I don't know about screenings for extras, and I doubt anyone else does either - Brick has yet to be edited and basically, all post-production work remains to be done, so screenings are not on the immediate event horizon.

As for the song, it was not composed for the trailer, but I don't know it's name.

I'm sorry not to be more of a font of information, but here's the thing: I am friends with people who made this film, but not involved in that process myself, so I don't have details like that at my fingertips. You might try hitting up the www.brickmovie.net website and shooting off a message to The Big Cheese...

Zachary Johnson

rian is my cousin. which, as i'm afraid i must admit, means that i am very 'cool' and 'hip,' if only by pure association, if not to say absolute vicarious living.


how long did it take them to shoot this? i know one of the actors, matt oleary.. and i didnt even know this movie was already post production until today. what is this movie about? i cant get the trailer to work, because i don't have Apple, but it sounds good. i cant wait. matt looks totally different.

Jane Herself

Jackie: You don't need apple, you can just download quicktime - it's free, and works on PC's too. The film was shot in three whirlwind weeks, and it's going to be awesome.


Can it be possible for this movie to be in theaters or DVD out of California (Like FL or MD etc.)? I don't live in CA and I really want to see it because I'm a big fan of Matt O'Leary. I heard this movie is cool, so I want to see it so bad! lol

Jane Herself

Chicky: It is possible, but not in the near future. Rian's latest estimate of ETA of a rough first edit is still four weeks away, so don't hold your breath!


I saw a picture of Matt O'Leary smoking in the boys restroom. Is he really smoking or is it for the movie? I kind of doubt it was for the movie because he did play "The Brain". He didn't look anything like a nerd (no offense). But I can be wrong, too.


I was wondering the same myself.I think hes really smoking cause I go to a few of Matt's messageboards and they all said he smokes.And yeah,and it couldnta been for the movie cause he wears glasses in it and is suppose to look like a dork.But he looked far from dorky...he looked very delish.I think its a little sexy he smokes inna way...every girl likes a bad boy,right?Well One of my friends that live in chicago hung out with matt before,last year and she said he IS bit of a bad boy...But thats a whooole nother story...
I wish I knew matt... *tear*

jackie m.

i love matt! kk, but i guess jane wants us matt-fans to change the subject.

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